TedCo Identity Design

This is an identity design project I did for a small business based here in Nebraska that provided a special challenge to address. The business needed to be professional and clean but the identity pieces did not need to go into details about the company itself, as it specialized in multiple services and the owner did not want to limit themselves. […]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 2.

This is Part Two in a series of blog posts aimed at helping small businesses create unique marketing strategies for themselves. You can view Part One Here. Do Your Customers Know the Real You? Think of this before you even think of marketing. Branding should be a a part of your business plan right beside your insurance and accounting strategies. Just getting a logo when you are starting up is nothing more than table stakes. These days you have to think more than that. Crafting an identity is an investment that saves resources in the long term. Not having a well thought out identity is like wearing sweatpants on a date and hoping they will look past them and see the “real you”. As much as we don’t like to admit it, image and first impressions matter. Whether you are selling cell phones or financial advice, The one thing that can differentiate your business from everyone else is you! The individual is the one competitive advantage that no one can duplicate. Don’t be afraid to be the face of your company, make yourself available and approachable. Then people can get to know the real you. […]

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Husker Headquarters Website Redesign

PowerBand Graphics recently redesigned the ecommerce website for Husker Headquarters, a locally owned business based in Lincoln that provides apparel, gifts and all the gear that you’ll need to show your support for the Huskers! They were interested in updating the site to make it easier for their customers to find things, make the checkout process more smoothly, add more flexibility to promote products & events and adding functionality of the website for their customers. […]

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