Project Description

David Hastreiter from Pro-Scapes approached PowerBand Graphics to help rebrand his company. He was worried he was being stuck in a market that wasn’t as profitable for his industry and wanted to be seen as a company that can handle more high end landscaping projects for both commercial and residential. After meeting with him and learning about his industry and his history of work, PowerBand Graphics was glad to be of assistance. His original logo was simply his name with a leaf, while it served him well for years, he wasn’t an arborist and it didn’t speak to the rest of his capabilities. After creating some concepts we worked together to create a design that reflected the best qualities of his business.
From there we turned our attention to his business cards, envelopes and letterhead. David often writes on the backs of his business cards, so while the real estate can be used to showcase photos of his work, it was also printed with a matte  cover to allow easy handwriting.

From there we worked on the advertising pieces for publications that Pro-Scapes promoted itself in. Again, we wanted to keep the aesthetic consistent but also showcase photography of finished landscaping work while still provided plenty of information about the services offered.

Finally we worked together to create a professional web presence for Pro-Scapes. This is a site that features all of Mr. Hastreiter’s services and is also flexible and easy to update with photos and updates for recent projects that they’ve accomplished.

David was a great client and after getting to know him and seeing his work firsthand, I can also easily say that he’s a great landscaper and business owner as well. If you are in need of commercial or residential landscaping services, visit his website and contact him. You’ll be glad you did!