Do you want to truly interact with your customers online?

A well built, easily navigable site can make all the difference in the world when it comes to converting a sale. Web design needs vary as greatly as the services of companies do, PowerBand Graphics will work with you to make sure you get the right sized site and will never push you into services you don’t need.

Here are some things we’ll help you consider when it comes to building a website:

It’s about more than just putting your name and logo on a website.

PowerBand Graphics will help you think about what you REALLY need your website to do, to fit your brand and ultimate business goals. For example, if you are selling products online you have a completely different set of requirements than a restaurant. Is the way your information, navigation and imagery presented in the most optimal way to convert your visitors? Is your website an accurate reflection of your brand or is it just a page with your name and number on it?

Be found, but also give them a reason to come back.

Everyone knows how important search engines are to a company’s marketing but think beyond that. Content is the single most critical component for search engine robots but also for humans. Great content and design is what turns first time visitors to regular visitors. Give people a reason to WANT to visit your website on a regular basis. It’s good for your brand and great for business.  We can help you build a website that helps you do just that.

Websites we’ve done.

We’ve created websites over the years for restaurants, retail, the service industry, startup websites, churches and quite a few other industries. Below are links to some of them.