Identity Design ServicesTake the next step to crafting a consistent brand image.

PowerBand Graphics can integrate your logo and brand message with designs that capture the same emotion and passion that is so important to your business. This allows you to convey a little more information about your company and services beyond the logo.

Creating an identity system for your business helps you establish the visual aesthetic that can extend into everything from your website design to advertising and sales materials.

It helps create visual consistency that establishes trust and professionalism.

Letting people see the design of your brand in a consistent and professional way helps build the right expectations for when your clients interact with your company on a one-on-one basis.

Identity designs merely provide the framework to build upon but it doesn’t stop there! This kind of attention to detail can be applied to more than just business cards and letterhead. Anything your name goes on should be treated with the same care from brochures and magnets to flyers and posters, each item should be the correct expression of your identity.