About John

As the Owner and Creative Director of PowerBand Graphics I have lofty goals but they are tempered with humble roots. I grew up in a small town in Northeast Nebraska. I learned the value of hard work helping my father on the farm where we lived. I put myself through the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. My personal accomplishments include completing a full marathon, skydiving and starting PowerBand Graphics.


For the last few years I've been joining the talented artists around the world for Inktober. It's a selection of drawing prompts during the month of October. I realized I've been posting them to my Instagram. but haven't collected them anywhere. Some are created with ink and pen and others I created digitally. So [...]

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Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018

If your 2017 was anything like mine it was hectic, rewarding and full of new challenges. My wife and I moved from Lincoln Nebraska to Kansas City for new work opportunities. Kansas City is an excellent place for my business, still close enough to help my Nebraska clients when they need it and full [...]

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New Year, New Look, New Projects,

It’s been a while since I’ve written out a blog post and if you’ve heard me speak to my clients you know, there’s one thing I stress about blogs: “Don’t have a blog unless you can keep it up!”. Well I’m guilty but it’s 2016 and I’ve got new work to share with this updated website [...]

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Do Designers Make the Best CEOs?

Once again, I attended a new session of the Designer’s Debate Club, the motion debated on this time was the question  “Do Designers Make the Best CEO’s”, it was a memorable event and touches on a topic that I feel has become more and more important with business these days. More and more CEO’s come [...]

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Lessons from design entrepreneurs.

Last week I attended another New York AIGA event called Kern and Burn: A Conversation with Design Entrepreneurs. As someone who's started a business, and worked with many other people who have started businesses from scratch themselves, I find this topic incredibly interesting. This event was a part of the @Parsons Lecture Series and was [...]

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Is a formal education needed to be a designer?

I recently got the chance to attend a Designers Debate club put on by AIGANY at the Parsons New School for Design. For those who don't know AIGA is the professional association for designers. They put on events for practicing designers, in addition to educating the public and students. This particular event was a part of [...]

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Website Design for Directions EAP

PowerBand Graphics was happy to redesign the website for an Employee Assistance Provider in Lincoln, NE, Directions EAP. Their needs had grown beyond having a static website and the owners wanted the site to really become a central hub for employees and employers. […]

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So you might have been wondering…

Hey everyone! You regular visitors might have been wondering where exactly I've been lately. It's been a while since I've made an update. I know, I know! I'm ignoring the same advice that I give my clients about blogging, it doesn't do you any good if you don't keep it up! While I have plenty [...]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 4

Web Presence In Branding (for previous installments on branding for small business check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE FOUND? Generations of businesses had to build their brands on television and movie screens, radio, magazines and newspapers. Newer generations will do the same online but at a much [...]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 3.

The Benefits of Working with a Creative Professional. A good graphic designer is one of the first people you should talk to when you want to start professionally branding yourself. Like I said in my other posts, it’s not all about the logo and identity but those things should reflect your brand message uniquely. The [...]

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