Project Description

For this edition of the Client Showcase I’m featuring Grateful Greens Gourmet Chopped Salads. The owner, Jim Larson, approached PowerBand Graphics to help create the brand and identity for his new restaurant. Passionate clients make my job so much easier, it’s easy to define a brand for a company when the owner loves what they do and they love their clients. It was clear Jim has a great passion for cooking and bringing a healthy dining option to Lincoln. His restaurant was created to offer chopped salads made right in front of you, in addition to panini sandwiches and several soup options. If you love healthy eating or good food in general, you should definitely check them out.

The first thing we addressed was creating a logo. Jim wanted the brand of his company to be fun but professional and convey a sense of value. After creating some initial designs and refining them we created the below logo mark.

The logo gives the sense of fun with motion, the seal style of the design hints at the fresh aspect of the restaurant. From there we created Grateful Greens’ identity designs including business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Jim liked the idea of using modernized Art Nouveau style graphics in the identity. The final designs you can see here.

Once the general aesthetic was established we created their menus which you can download by clicking Here. Grateful Greens offers customers the ability to create their own chopped salads. It was important to make sure the steps in creating salads were laid out clearly to make sure visitors knew how to get the final product they really wanted. That’s what design does, it helps clarify process which can be crucial for a restaurant like this.

Next we created some advertisements for them as well. Advertising is critical for any restaurant, here it was important to make sure the message is clear of what Grateful Greens is all about and what makes them different than other restaurants in addition to basic information as well.

Once the restaurant opened we wanted to make sure people could find restaurant information while we were building the site so we created a landing page to monitor traffic and collect email addresses. Here the site needed to be straightforward, fast and have the information visitors want easily accessible.

PowerBand Graphics also provided the tools that Grateful Greens needs to collect email addresses and send email campaigns. Email marketing can be a great tool for restaurants to send out information on promotions, news and events. Check out the site yourself at and sign up for their newsletter. Better yet, stop by the restaurant! It’s located at 1451 O Street, Suite 200 Lincoln NE. It’s delicious, healthy and a fun place to eat. It might just be your new favorite place!