My name is John Holtgrew, I’m the Owner and
Creative Director of PowerBand Graphics.

I grew up on a farm near a small town called Winside in Nebraska. There I learned the value of hard work. After high school I knew art and design was something I wanted to pursue so I put myself through one of the most challenging art schools in the Midwest. At MCAD I learned to think critically about illustration and design. I’ve worked as a designer in-house for both large corporations, and small agencies. These experiences led me to strike out on my own with PowerBand Graphics.

PowerBand Graphics is created as an approachable design and graphics firm. My goal is to help businesses reach their potential by providing affordable, high quality design, illustration and web solutions. PowerBand Graphics is meant to be a resource to answer questions and create a long term relationship with clients.

John Holtgrew in office

I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes in
Nebraska, Minnesota, New York City and now Kansas City.

I understand the unique pressures that emerging businesses and organizations go through in trying to attract clients. It’s easy for businesses to get caught up in marketing double-speak and get left behind when it comes to new technology and services, I want to provide something better.

PowerBand Graphics is more than just design, it’s about giving business owners the tools they need to present their industry in a creative and professional way. It’s about finding the most economical way to present their message while at the same time removing the pressure and intimidation that can come with trying to find the right design solution.

Design helps define a company, a product and how it relates to its community.

A well designed company presence can be as important for closing a sale as the salespeople who work at the company. Good graphic design increases the value of a company the same way that improving a home with an addition increases its value.

It’s no longer enough that a company just put its name out there, you need to create a brand message that resonates with people and tells a story that engages people.

Powerful Branding is more than a logo.

It’s about crafting a message, getting it out there with the right kind of promotion and then backing that message up with everything you do with your business. I’m passionate about this industry because of the energy my clients have for their own products. Starting a business is hard. I want to help the design side be easy. Let me know if I can help you.