Marketing Material DesignMarketing is expensive. Don’t waste it.

It’s no secret that marketing and advertising are important but are you making the most out of the space that you are paying for? PowerBand Graphics will work hard for you to create vibrant, attractive advertising. We’ll help you create professional designs with a clear message and attractive call to action. After all, you can have all the advertising in the world but if your message isn’t understood, then you are throwing your money away.

It’s not just about cramming as much information as possible into the space you are given. Your ads need to really grab the consumer’s attention and present your information in a way that’s unique but also understandable. Anyone can throw a few Photoshop filters together but PowerBand Graphics will work with you to determine exactly what style you are looking for, your target market then create ads to fit your needs.

We have experience with direct mail, magazine ads, newspapers and yellow pages. Online advertising is just as important and we can help you get the most out of every pixel.