Branding and Small Business, Part 4

Web Presence In Branding (for previous installments on branding for small business check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE FOUND? Generations of businesses had to build their brands on television and movie screens, radio, magazines and newspapers. Newer generations will do the same online but at a much [...]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 3.

The Benefits of Working with a Creative Professional. A good graphic designer is one of the first people you should talk to when you want to start professionally branding yourself. Like I said in my other posts, it’s not all about the logo and identity but those things should reflect your brand message uniquely. The logo, message and identity form the foundation from which all of your branding is visually built on. Being able to go back to that foundation will save time in the future when you build further. Strategically guided design positions an organization to set off a very desirable change reaction: Positive impressions created higher perceived value which in turn boosts sales. […]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 1.

A couple months ago, I gave a presentation in Norfolk Nebraska to some small business owners about branding, advertising and marketing. It’s something I’ve spoken about before but I’ve never wrote a blog post on it. Most people who know me, know that I grew up in Winside which isn’t too far from Norfolk. I get back there about every month or so and I’m proud of growing up there. I know first hand some of the troubles and challenges that small businesses face when it comes to trying to stand out and market their services. Advertising is expensive, creating a web presence can be confusing and there are so many “experts” on social media saying different things that it’s not surprising many small business owners are wary of spending money on design. Over the next couple months I’m going to do a series on the topics I cover for my seminars. It will hopefully give you a sense of how good design and branding can help your business to stop marketing and start branding. […]

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About this whole blogging thing…

I recently had an old friend contact me about setting up a blog. He's a smart guy and just received his MFA in Visual Studies from the art school we went to together. He wanted to know about the best ways to go about setting up a blog and potentially selling some pieces of artwork. [...]

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Educational Seminar From PowerBand Graphics!

ARE YOU JUST GETTING CLIENTS OR ARE YOU CREATING LASTING RELATIONSHIPS? Emotional attachment is a critical factor that dictates many buying decisions, Creating emotional attachment is more than just good customer service or selling a quality product. Creating brand trust with a credible image is as important for a successful business as accounting and insurance. [...]

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