Recent Strictly Business Covers

It's been a while since I've posted information about recent cover designs for Strictly Business. Most recent is November's cover showcasing Lincoln's Best Dressed event put on by Strictly Business. October's featured business for the cover was SuperSaver. And for September, the magazine showcased Cornhusker Bank and PowerBand Graphics created a design that best used [...]

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Strictly Business August Cover

Here is August's cover for Strictly Business. The cover photo is of Lori Botz, owner of Coach2Win, the photo is once again by the good folks at Shane & Sunny. You may remember that PowerBand Graphics also did the rebranding for Coach2Win recently. Lori runs a great company, the publication is a must have for [...]

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Some More Strictly Business Covers.

It's been quite a while since I've added new posts about the covers for Strictly Business. Rest assured I'm still working with the great crew over there! For those that don't know, Strictly Business is a publication sent to the business owners in Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska. From their website: Strictly Business is a direct [...]

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April Strictly Business Cover.

April is over half way through and I've almost forgotten to post the latest Strictly Business cover! Photography is once again by Shane & Sunny Photography. PowerBand Graphics has continued to grow and there will be plenty of new things to post in the coming months. We just joined the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and will [...]

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February Strictly Business Cover

Hey everyone, once again I've been working with the good folks at Strictly Business creating cover designs for their publication. This month I had the good fortune to create Lincoln and Omaha's covers. The theme was "Going Green" so we decided to take a different approach and create a more illustrative design, highlighting multiple businesses. [...]

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January Strictly Business Cover.

Here's some more print graphic design work just in time for the New Year! We just finished the new cover design for January's Strictly Business Magazine in Lincoln. If you don't know, Strictly Businesss is a fantastic resource for small businesses in Lincoln and Omaha. Thanks to the good folks at Shane & Sunny Photography [...]

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Strictly Business magazine cover.

PowerBand Graphics just finished up a cover layout for Strictly Business Magazine. Here's an excerpt from their site: Strictly Business is a direct mailed news and marketing magazine.  A publication containing vital Lincoln and Omaha business information, it’s mailed into the hands of nearly every CEO, business owner and key executive in the city.  Not [...]

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