Best Card Payments Website


PowerBand Graphics has provided designs for Omaha based company Best Card for years. They provide credit card processing solutions for healthcare and service industries. Best Card was in need of a modern, clean and mobile friendly website to showcase their products and better market themselves with. They needed something that showed them as professional and technology [...]

Tempo SOS


Tempo SOS is a New York based startup that has created a software service that helps restaurants measure the speed of their front desk operations. This is a cutting edge system that uses facial recognition and server technology to provide analytics for owners and managers. The founder came to us in need of a complete branding [...]



David Hastreiter from Pro-Scapes approached PowerBand Graphics to help rebrand his company. He was worried he was being stuck in a market that wasn’t as profitable for his industry and wanted to be seen as a company that can handle more high end landscaping projects for both commercial and residential. After meeting with him and [...]

Grateful Greens


For this edition of the Client Showcase I’m featuring Grateful Greens Gourmet Chopped Salads. The owner, Jim Larson, approached PowerBand Graphics to help create the brand and identity for his new restaurant. Passionate clients make my job so much easier, it’s easy to define a brand for a company when the owner loves what they do [...]

Edible Source


Edible Source is one of the most unique and memorable startups we've had the pleasure of working with. They provide produce and fish by growing tilapia and vegetables together in aquaponics. They sell their products locally without any sort of pesticide, herbicide or hormones. This service is a modern take on farms, fish raising and community [...]