PowerBand Graphics was happy to redesign the website for an Employee Assistance Provider in Lincoln, NE, Directions EAP. Their needs had grown beyond having a static website and the owners wanted the site to really become a central hub for employees and employers.

This was a site that needed to be regularly updated with information that would be useful for visitor’s needs. Here is the original site:

Original Directions EAP Site

After speaking with Directions EAP and getting a feel for their needs, it was clear they needed to promote themselves not to one set of customers but three sets of visitors: Employers looking for an EAP to handle their needs, Employees looking to suggest an EAP to their bosses and also the employees who were already enrolled but needed to find the helpful information that they needed.

We worked together to create a design and navigation that was easy to understand and simple but had easy access to the pages that suited the individual’s needs. Here is the final result:

Redesigned Directions EAP Site

PowerBand Graphics was happy to work with them and provide the solution they needed to display the content that was important to them and their visitors. You can visit their website here.