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Website Design for Directions EAP

PowerBand Graphics was happy to redesign the website for an Employee Assistance Provider in Lincoln, NE, Directions EAP. Their needs had grown beyond having a static website and the owners wanted the site to really become a central hub for employees and employers. […]

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So you might have been wondering…

Hey everyone! You regular visitors might have been wondering where exactly I've been lately. It's been a while since I've made an update. I know, I know! I'm ignoring the same advice that I give my clients about blogging, it doesn't do you any good if you don't keep it up! While I have plenty more work that I plan to post, I've recently had some changes in my life that have kept me busy. PowerBand Graphics has relocated to the east coast. My girlfriend was offered a great job at an architecture firm in Manhattan and had been working there since November. Since then I've been getting my affairs in order with PowerBand Graphics and everything at home as well. We moved into a New Jersey apartment together at [...]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 4

Web Presence In Branding (for previous installments on branding for small business check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE FOUND? Generations of businesses had to build their brands on television and movie screens, radio, magazines and newspapers. Newer generations will do the same online but at a much lower cost with no need for a gatekeeper’s approval. They no longer need to worry about large TV or Radio budgets to get their message out there. Reaching customers used to be a big company’s game until recently. Running ads in major media came with very high costs making it the domain of only those with substantial resources. So without size you didn’t have sufficient funds, without funds your message was left unheard. In today’s [...]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 3.

The Benefits of Working with a Creative Professional. A good graphic designer is one of the first people you should talk to when you want to start professionally branding yourself. Like I said in my other posts, it’s not all about the logo and identity but those things should reflect your brand message uniquely. The logo, message and identity form the foundation from which all of your branding is visually built on. Being able to go back to that foundation will save time in the future when you build further. Strategically guided design positions an organization to set off a very desirable change reaction: Positive impressions created higher perceived value which in turn boosts sales. […]

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TedCo Identity Design

This is an identity design project I did for a small business based here in Nebraska that provided a special challenge to address. The business needed to be professional and clean but the identity pieces did not need to go into details about the company itself, as it specialized in multiple services and the owner did not want to limit themselves. […]

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Branding and Small Business, Part 2.

This is Part Two in a series of blog posts aimed at helping small businesses create unique marketing strategies for themselves. You can view Part One Here. Do Your Customers Know the Real You? Think of this before you even think of marketing. Branding should be a a part of your business plan right beside your insurance and accounting strategies. Just getting a logo when you are starting up is nothing more than table stakes. These days you have to think more than that. Crafting an identity is an investment that saves resources in the long term. Not having a well thought out identity is like wearing sweatpants on a date and hoping they will look past them and see the “real you”. As much as we don’t like to [...]

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