Tempo SOS


Tempo SOS is a New York based startup that has created a software service that helps restaurants measure the speed of their front desk operations. This is a cutting edge system that uses facial recognition and server technology to provide analytics for owners and managers. The founder came to us in need of a complete branding [...]

PureCare Carpet


  Purecare carpet is not your usual carpet cleaning service. Based in Lincoln Nebraska, this business uses a unique and environmentally friendly dry carpet cleaning technology. The owners of this company approached PowerBand Graphics for help in crafting a brand that was true to the ideals of the company. These ideals included highlighting the environmental friendliness [...]



David Hastreiter from Pro-Scapes approached PowerBand Graphics to help rebrand his company. He was worried he was being stuck in a market that wasn’t as profitable for his industry and wanted to be seen as a company that can handle more high end landscaping projects for both commercial and residential. After meeting with him and [...]

Job Chamber


PowerBand Graphics was approached to help craft the image of online startup JobChamber. We worked closely with the owner to concept multiple options of the logo and brand message until we truly captured something that made them stand out. From there we created business cards, sales, marketing and trade show promotional material. Job Chamber is a cutting edge local [...]

PipeBurst Pro Brochure


PipeBurst Pro is a revolutionary product designed for commercial and residential buildings. This product includes sensors and valves that detect leaks and shuts off water to help avoid costly flooding and damage. We were brought in to help design some marketing material and help describe how this device works on multiple levels. It involved not only [...]