This month’s Client Showcase features Dr. Alex Kallio and his company, Comfort Chiropractic. Comfort Chiropractic is an award winning Lincoln based Chiropractic facility. They have won the 5 Star Quality Service Award by Integrity Management for providing their patients with the best in service and value. After getting to know Dr. Kallio and his company a bit it was clear he provides extremely high quality work. The business provides more than just a place to go when you’re in pain, it’s a place to go to when you want to feel good and stay that way. They promote preventative wellness, modern techniques, community involvement and personalized care.

In a market like Lincoln’s, it’s important to find a way to differentiate what makes Comfort Chiropractic different than other Chiropractors. What makes Comfort Chiropractic unique and how can we use design to promote those qualities? First of all Dr. Kallio and his staff provide more than just Chiropractic services. Along with that core, there’s rehabilitation, nutrition counselling and physical strengthening they provide for their customers. They have a modern yet warm and inviting facility. It was clear that traditional and possibly cliche chiropractic aspects like spinal images weren’t going to do this business and the people who work there justice. Their old branding seen below, while serviceable, was not reflecting the best parts of the company.

Old Comfort Chiropractic Branding.PowerBand Graphics met with Dr. Alex and discussed what market he wants to target. We went over how he wants the business to be viewed in the future, not just how it is seen now. PowerBand Graphics interviewed some of Comfort Chiropractic’s clients to get outside perspective of the best traits the business has. The consensus was that Dr. Kallio and Comfort Chiropractic have unmatched physical technique, is a business you can trust and goes beyond just Chiropractic to help. After creating many different concepts we finalized his brand and logo along those lines. The heart represents health, wellness beyond just chiropractic and also evokes pleasant feelings. The lines wrapping the heart symbolize care and support. After considering many different color iterations we finalized a combination that feels warm, friendly and modern. All qualities of the business.

Comfort Chiropractic Logo DesignWith that base aesthetic established we worked together to create Comfort Chiropractic’s identity designs. The branding and design pieces were created to make the company feel approachable and modern. This helps establish it as someplace you want to go, not just a place to go when you are in pain.

Comfort Chiropractic Identity DesignComfort Chiropractic strives to become synonymous with quality chiropractic care in Lincoln Nebraska. By crafting a brand that showcases that as well, the business clarifies the message to current and potential clients. Design is all about clarification and emotion, if your business relies on those things at all then you need to consider professional branding as well!